Kurt und Ursula Schubert-Archive

Kurt Schubert is the founder of the Institute for Jewish Studies at the University of Vienna, where he taught without interruption 61 years, from the summer semester 1945 until the summer semester 2006. Together with his wife Ursula who at the same Institute taught Jewish Art History, he created the Ursula and Kurt Schubert Collection for Jewish Art, which was then donated to the Centre of Jewish Art at Hebrew University Jerusalem.

The Kurt and Ursula Schubert online Archive provides access to the academic working documents left by the two scholars: manuscripts for their lectures at the Institute for Jewish Studies, conferences and notes for research. Bibliographic material and documents relating to activities that took place posthumously complete the collection. Each database entry is shortly described. Links to relevant illustrations at the Centre of Jewish Art are available for Ursula Schubert's lectures and conferences.

The originals of all manuscripts are available at the Archives of the University of Vienna.




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